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    Oil, acrylic and Gold on canvas
    x 116 cm

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    About Elise Oudin Gilles :

    System - Elise Oudin Gilles - Galerie de FranconyBorn in 1972, Elise Oudin Gilles lives and works in Marseille.

    Over time, Elise Oudin Gilles has crafted a pictorial universe brimming with dynamism and renewal. Based in Marseille, her creative energy appears boundless, manifesting itself in photography, exhibitions, music, stained glass, and even video, thus showcasing her artistic versatility.

    Charting a journey rich in learning and discovery, she honed her art at the École Supérieure des Arts Appliqués Duperré, deftly blending technique with emotion. During her eight years in the United States, Elise found inspiration in great masters like Basquiat and Cy Twombly, and the vibrant street art of cities like New York and San Francisco. The influence of urban tags is palpable in her work, with calligraphy surfacing in her compositions, oscillating between automatic writing and urban tagging.

    However, what best defines her work is narrative abstraction. Her canvases beckon an exploration of temporality and movement. They are windows onto ever-changing landscapes, layers of colors and materials overlapping, mirroring the memories and experiences that shape a life.

    Today,Elise Oudin Gilles offers a new artistic immersion with her series "Silence is Golden". These pieces, with circles delicately painted in gold leaf against a white background, are a hymn to contemplation. In a fast-paced world, where noise and distractions are omnipresent, these canvases underscore the power of silence. They are spaces where the eye and mind can refocus, where silence comes alive and speaks louder than words.

    These paintings, both minimalist and luxurious, have resonated positively with the public and critics alike. The golden circles evoke the luminance of celestial bodies, precious moments captured in an eternal instant. They remind us that silence often mirrors unspoken words, deep sentiments, and intense emotions.

    From the Fondation Cap Vert Energie to the Galerie du Théâtre in Orange, through exhibitions in San Francisco, London, and Barcelona, the work of Elise Oudin Gilles continues to shine internationally.

    Elise Oudin Gilles' journey is a living testament to the ever-evolving nature of art, and she embodies the perpetual artist, transcending borders and genres to touch the hearts of those who pause to admire her work.

    Ecole supérieure des Arts Appliqués Duperré.

    Exhibitions (extrait)

    - AAF New York
    - Galerie Envie d'Art, Londres
    - Art Shopping Paris
    - Carré d'Artistes, Barcelone
    - Galerie du Théâtre, Orange
    - Galerie Anikado, Saint Rémy de Provence
    - "La Mûrisserie", Exposition permanente, Marseille
    - Le Showroom, Marseille
    - Cercle sans titre, Maison de la RATP, Paris
    - "Space Out", The Galleria, San Francisco Kitchenwear
    - "Expo Micro", Chez Marc, San Francisco
    - Archibio Galerie site, San Francisco
    - "Drawings", Ebert Gallery, San Francisco