.General Terms and Conditions

Everything you need to know to order safely on the Galerie de Francony

These General Conditions of sale define the rules and conditions governing all sales of artworks displayed on the website www.galeridefrancony.com. The fact of filling in the order form and confirming this by clicking on the "proceed to checkout"  implies full acceptance of these general conditions.

.Free Access

Consultation of the site of the Galerie de Francony is free.

.Satisfaction guarantee

You can return the work in its original packing during a 15-day period after delivery. You will be asked to contact Galerie de Francony (contact@galeriedefrancony.com) and will be offered to choose another work or to be reimbursed (minus shipping expenses), according to the French Law number L.121-16 about consumer rights. Return shipping expenses and risks are at the cost of the client.

.Delivery of works by the Galerie de Franconyr

Works will be delivered to the address indicated in your order an average of 10 days after your order has been placed (it might be a little longer in august). Upon receipt of the order, the delivery receipt must be signed by the buyer to serve as proof in case of contestation. If delivered to an address not that of the buyer, the receipt must be signed by the recipient. In case of damages during shipping, the buyer has three days to notify Galerie de Francony.

.How to order a work ?

First, select the artworks in which you are interested in.
Then click on the "Order" button or on the "Cart" icon behind each artworks when presented in list form.
A message will be displayed indicating that the work has been added to your cart. At the bottom of this message, click "Continue Shopping" if you want to see other works before confirming your order (you can then access any time your order by clicking on the "Cart" icon at the top right of your page). Or click directly on "Proceed to checkout" to access your current order.

.Page My Order - 01 My Order :
This page allows you to see the details of your current order and estimated shipping costs. The "Recycle bin" icon allows you to remove works of your cart.

Click the "Proceed to Checkout" button to proceed with your order.

.Page - 02 My Adress :
2 Options :
You are already a member, you can Log in, so your shipping adress and billing adress will be pre-filled.
If not, (even if you are already a member) you can complete the form directly (Fields marked with an asterisk are required so that we can process your order).

Click the "Proceed to Checkout" button to proceed with your order.

.Page - 03 Shipping Address :
This page allows you to choose your shipping addresses and billing adress (if you have already pre-registered). And especially to check your informations regarding your delivery address. Feel free to update if necessary by clicking the "Update" button. This page also lets you add a new address and leave us a comment on this order : urgent request, digicode, .... everything that seems useful to facilitate delivery.

Click the "Proceed to Checkout" button to proceed with your order.

.Page - 04 Shipping Method :
This page shows you the final amount of the delivery costs (depending on the nature of the work, dimensions, .. and the place of delivery). To guarantee the delivery within the shortest lead-times and with the maximum safety and at the best price, the Gallery de Francony selects the best carrier. Our usual partners are international DHL, UPS, Colissimo, Chronopost, TNT, ... The standard delivery time is about 7 days, but it can be faster if needed (birthday gift, ..)

Click the "Proceed to Checkout" button to proceed with your order.

.Page Choose your payment method - 05 Payment :
This page lets you review the contents of your order and choose at the bottom of the page from 3 methods of payment :

- by Credit Card CB
- by Cheque
- by Bank Transfer

.How to pay for your purchases ?

You are requested to select a payment option after filling out your contact information on the first page of the order form. You may pay by credit card (Eurocard, Mastercard, Visa) using the secure server of the Payplug company. The Galerie de Francony also accepts payment by bank transfer. The total price indicated on your order form in Euros and US Dollars and includes the work, the gallery commission, shipping, packaging and french taxes. You will be informed of the total price before validating your order. Delivery costs thus may not in any way constitute grounds for contention of your order.


In case of non-payment, and notably if the bank refuses to honor a transaction before or after the conclusion of the deal, Galerie de Francony has the right to unilaterally cancel the sale and the client will be required to return the work(s) at his own expense. This applies only to payment contestations made according to terms of the client's bank.

.Confidentiality statement

We guarantee the confidentiality of the information submitted. By confirming your order you authorize us to share with our partners and service providers the information necessary for the completion of your order . By ordering from the Galerie de Francony, you automatically become part of our mailing list. This authorizes the Galerie de Francony to send you event and company information. According to the French law n°78-17 of January 6, 1978 (informatique et libertés), you have the right to modify your contact information or be removed from the list upon request. Any credit card information is submitted directly by the client on the secure payment site of Payplug company. (the Payplug secure payment service). Galerie de Francony does not have access to your credit card information.

.Receipt of your order

The delivery receipt itemizes the contents of your order. A detailed description of each work is available on the site. Galerie de Francony's return policy allows you to return orders if the delivery receipt is not confirm with items shipped.


You will receive confirmation of your order after your bank has validated credit card or check payment. The confirmation also serves as invoice. Should you need additional copies, you may contact contact@galeriedefrancony.com.
An invoice can be sent bu the artist on demand by the client.

.Transfer of property rights

Risks related to the works are transferred to the buyer upon receipt. Rights related to the works are transferred to him once full payment has been completed. The artist remains the holder of copyrights on his creation. The artist and Galerie de Francony hold collectively the rights of representation and reproduction. The rights of the buyer are limited to private usage.

.Limitation of Responsibility

The Galerie de Francony’s commitment concerning orders and delivery of works is stipulated by the present Terms & Conditions.

The company cannot be held responsible for any delay or non-completion of orders resulting from a breach of agreement by its partners or suppliers or by unforeseen forces (as defined by article 1148 of the French Civil Code). Galerie de Francony cannot be held responsible for technical problems associated with the usage of www.Galerie de Francony.com.

The limit of damages for which the Galerie de Francony may be held responsible is 100 Euros.

.Applicable Law

The Contract is governed by French law. Any dispute resulting from the execution of this contract will be subject to the rulings of the Marseille Court. Our services are available to all persons having the legal capacity to contract according to the applicable law. Minors are not authorized to access our on-line sale services.

.Contact the de Francony Gallery

Galerie de Francony
SIRET : 809 062 292 00010
RCS : 809 062 292 R.C.S Marseille

Galerie de Francony // Geoffroy de Francony
94 Traverse Prat
Res Les Aloades, Bat H
13008 - Marseille

Site internet : www.galeriedefrancony.com

Email : contact@galeriedefrancony.com

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