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About Elise Oudin Gilles

Born in 1972, Elise Oudin Gilles lives and works in Marseille.

Elise Oudin Gilles
is a graduate of the Duperré School of Applied Arts (Paris, France) in design and textiles. From 1996 onwards, she began a series of collaborations with haute couture houses: she creates the decorations of the Ted Lapidus show (1996) and made a whole series of paintings on dresses for shows between 1996 and 2002.

She lived in the US for eight years and the experience strongly influenced her art; she is also influenced by painters Basquiat and Cy Twombly.

Elise Oudin Gilles makes mobile paintings, with her brushes or with her camera. Urban skylines, nature seen from a train, graphics reveries, slices of contemporary reality in black frames. Her images are not still. The layers are overlapped, the secret writings are hiding in wide movements. A veil crosses the canvas, as a cocoon of fog passing on life, as mist on a tagged tile. As a window open to the worlds flow. As ones face in a rear-view mirror. Time flows and it cannot be disturbed. Dizziness and nostalgia invade us. Then the lines break, the colors explode, the image overflows out of the frame. The painting spills out, becomes a mirror, it surprises us. The painter lets the time go in order to capture it better. Seizing the moment, sharing a question. Leaving a trace, with grace and intensity.

Elise Oudin Gilless art of is an accomplice of its time, it is urban and deliberately contemporary. Elise Oudin Gilles mixes up languages and sources of inspiration, creating a bold link between the worlds of textiles and the street.

Ecole supérieure des Arts Appliqués Duperré.

Exhibitions (extrait)

- AAF New York
- Galerie Envie d'Art, Londres
- Art Shopping Paris
- Carré d'Artistes, Barcelone
- Galerie du Théâtre, Orange
- Galerie Anikado, Saint Rémy de Provence
- "La Mûrisserie", Exposition permanente, Marseille
- Le Showroom, Marseille
- Cercle sans titre, Maison de la RATP, Paris
- "Space Out", The Galleria, San Francisco Kitchenwear
- "Expo Micro", Chez Marc, San Francisco
- Archibio Galerie site, San Francisco
- "Drawings", Ebert Gallery, San Francisco