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About Ariane Ponzio

Ariane Ponzio, lives and works in Marseille.
Alongside her literary and artistic studies, Ariane Ponzio trained in the Game of Painting with Françoise Collet and Arno Stern. Since 2004, she has been leading the workshops of the Atelier Gouache and is committed to passing on her profession as a practitioner through training. Ariane Ponzio

The taste for painting came to me from the Jeu de peindre, an expression workshop that I attended throughout my childhood. Also, strong impressions have been left to me from travels and museums discovered with my family. Lessons with a painter, a detour by studying literature and here I am still in Marseille, where I dedicate myself to improvisation in dance and painting. Ariane Ponzio.

I begin, canvas or paper, a character arrives and settles down, a woman most often, close to real size. Today I invent her face, other times, I bring out a drawing from a pose session - I like to bite my friends - or else I am my own model that day. I decide by instinct, the important thing being to start, to give a starting point to what inevitably leads to a self-portrait.

From the sketched figure, a playground opens up in which I can indulge in all sorts of dreams and sensations. Living the moment, savouring the moment, plunging and bringing out, covering or revealing. The brush stretches, the colour goes down, then wakes up with a pencil stroke. An improvisation, a dialogue with oneself stimulated by the idea that a witness is witnessing this movement.

I love the calm, the simplicity, the silence... and all that swarms with raw and intimate beyond appearances. To expose ambiguity, to highlight clues, and to say so little. Painting puts me in a state of love - or the other way around - I am both powerful and vulnerable. I invite this twirl to let things slip away from me and give me a little more to live with.