Road to Limnii
    Emilie Chêne + follow

    Road to Limnii

    Acrylic on canvas
    x 97 cm


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    About Emilie Chêne :

    Painter, born in 1983, French.

    Emilie Chêne is a painter of natural landscapes. She draws her inspiration mainly from personal photos taken in nature. Through her paintings, Emilie Chêne tries to relive the moment of plenitude that she felt in front of the landscape. To capture this moment of peace, Emilie frees herself from the academic rules of landscape representation and takes the liberty to reinvent reality in her own way, as she has experienced it.

    Emilie Chêne

    Emilie reappropriates the landscape by simplifying and purifying it to keep only the essential in her eyes. She supports the notions of simplification and spontaneity. The shadows and details are treated in the form of flat areas of bright colors without gradations between them. The colors chosen sometimes seem to be at the crossroads of the figurative and the abstract. By purifying the landscapes while exalting the colors, Emilie seeks harmony and poetry in each of the painted landscapes. Her favorite supports are large format canvases, Emilie wishes to be caught by the size of the canvas as when one is caught by the immensity of a landscape.

    Faced with these paintings, the viewer is invited to take the time to soak up the energy of these pure and colorful forms. Emilie wishes to bring out in the viewer the feelings of contemplation, serenity and freedom that one can feel in front of a landscape in the middle of nature.

    Emilie Chêne

    Emilie Chêne is nourished by the diversity of the landscapes and the colored Arts of the countries in which she stayed, in particular Mexico. These are transformative experiences that are almost initiatory in terms of her relationship with colors. She describes bright colors as the engine of her artistic expression.

    Emilie Chêne exhibits regularly in galleries as well as in contemporary art fairs. Her work is appreciated by many collectors in Asia and Europe.