Velvet Underground
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    Velvet Underground

    Pencil drawing and acrylic paint on paper, with passe-partout (unframed)
    x 40 cm / motif size : 42 x 29 cm


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    About Carole Pueo :

    Carole Puéo is a painter with a passion for literature and music. She nourishes her reflection and her painting with a double curriculum as a visual artist and an art historian. She has studied feminist art and gender studies.

    Carole Pueo - Galerie de Francony"The question of the gaze is central to the work of Carole Pueo. First of all, there is that of these women from which emerges a form of affirmation, of freedom. Then, underlying it, the gaze that our society places on them. And finally, the viewer's eye, which deciphers the symbols scattered here and there. This is how the artist intends to question us about the place of women and femininity: "I like the idea of winking at the viewer in order to perhaps raise questions or smiles about our current society. I also hope to show the durability of certain archaisms, which have become obsolete but are still present in the collective memory." @petite_marie_b(

    Her works are the representation of women portraits as icons of our contemporary society where the body and the image of the woman would emancipate itself from stereotypes to find its strength and its first character. Tattoos, marks and symbols are present both to accentuate this search for an almost primitive beauty and as a mark of our contemporary society. The tattoos appear as skin armour.

    The looks, attitudes and expressions of these portraits invite us to question our own gaze.