And the blue sky came back
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    And the blue sky came back

    Serigraphy on a fine sheet of fine cherry wood veneer (unframed) Limited edition of 30, signed and numbered
    x 60 cm

    Soho, Manhattan, ... an emblematic element of New York, the graphic aspect of the buildings' facades is magnificently enhanced by the blue flow of the sky.

    This silk-screen printing is carried out on a veneer of fine cherry wood. The grain of the natural wood is always different, so each copy is unique! Limited edition of 30 pieces, signed and numbered.


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    About Laurent Minguet :

    Laurent Minguet is a French multidisciplinary artist and designer, born in 1969 in Toulouse where he still lives and works.  

    Advocate of acrylic on canvas since his younger days, he is an autodidact, teaching himself the art of brush painting while perfecting his hyperrealistic design style inspired by car “figures".

    Since 1998, driven by his first extensive travelling, he has been focusing on the landscapes particularly characterized by hyperurbanization. The completion of this work required him to visit several megacities, from Paris to Sydney,  searching for the right photographic angle of any ordinary or iconic places. In his studio, he will first orderly draw them with a pen before refining them in something remarkable for its balance of contrasts through painting.

    Laurent Minguet - Galerie de Francony

    Since 2014, the substrates he uses such as walnut tree, cherrywood, oak tree, whether they are natural and raw, are valuable timber carefully selected so that their random veining strengthens the dynamic of a highly detailed unit. The precise and critical line crystallizes then for one moment the restlessness and the architectural intensity of his graphical composition. To «disrupt» the linearity of the fine wood, the artist is going to use monochrome acrylic in contrast to the exhibit’s photorealistic accuracy thereby revealing the force of his different interpretations. The continuous nature of the urban landscape recaptured with a brush gives the impression of a natural transparency and marks the work’s culmination.​​​​​​​

    Text : Stéphane Gerbaulet  

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