Urban Pose 07
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    Urban Pose 07

    Blue Ballpoint drawing on paper, with frame and passe-partout
    x 30 cm / dim. dessin 20 x 20 cm


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    About Stephane Dupuis :

    Stephane Dupuis and his Unknowns Beauties revealed under his ballpoint pen...

    Stephane Dupuis Galerie de Francony

    Moments of life, ballpoint pens, lots of ink, patience, precision (a lot!), imagination and beautiful strangers: these are the ingredients that make up Stephane Dupuis' art. 

    A passion for drawing that leads him to spend hours in front of his white paper. An art that leaves no place to error, always with the tip of his pens and with impressive precision, Stephane Dupuis brings to life and reveals his Unknowns Beauties.

    Stephane Dupuis Galerie de Francony

    Stephane Dupuis Galerie de Francony

    Portraits, natural or urban landscapes, moments of life... I want to capture the atmosphere, the emotion of the place or the time.

    The unknowns Beauties :
    The unknowns Beauties is a story of encounters... These people who when they enter a room cause silence and concentrate all the looks. What is their secret? I try to find the magic formula and to pierce their secret using my ballpoint pen and paper.

    Make-up sessions :
    Moments of intimacy during where men are often absent. What happens in these moments when the beauty finds herself in front of her image?
    His actions have been reproduced all over the world for thousands of years and the will be for a long time to come.

    Ballpoint pen :
    Basically, it was an exercise at the Beaux-Arts to avoid correcting our drawings and so to gain confidence in the gesture. I like this extremely common tool and usually used for the the writing. I enjoy using this line to create volumes. When you look at my work, you only see a tangle of features, then with the benefit of hindsight, our brain rebuilds the volumes. It's funny, but sometimes I find myself using my pen by holding it by its end, as painters do, with the long handle of their brush.
    My pen is a modern brush.