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    Sans titre

    Acrylic on paper
    x 100 cm / .


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    About Mathieu Lesecq Abibb :

    As the paintings of my great-grandfather Charles Frechon had been part of my childhood, the path of painting always seemed obvious to me, the path of abstraction, less obvious, came later.

    Graduated from Applied Arts in Paris in 1986, I began my pictorial career in the 2000s, winner of the Fiaac Grand Prix in 2014 and the following year, winner of the "ART Absolutely" prize at the 69th Salon des Réalités Nouvelles, I continued my painting activity in Pézenas.

    My work is elaborated according to a process of weaving, of overlapping, by an accumulation of gestures or events that make several superimposed planes interfere.


    In these works made of acrylic on paper, while others praise almost nothing, here I praise almost everything.  It is a long and contemplative studio work that triggers most of these gestures and events, some of which arise from a necessity, others from chance, and this chance sometimes becomes a necessity. Each new layer, at the same time as it covers the old one, keeps by impregnation the memory of the original grid.

    From the initial pure white to the final structure, a whole visual range is built up, leading sometimes to a precise line with tiny details, sometimes to more abstract diluted flat tints, a keyboard of values, tonalities, thickness, a grid that makes visible, through the resurgence of lines of force, the tensions within the painting.

    The painter's action seems to fade away and, through a formal and chromatic play of rich and varied textures, capable of making the purity of abstract grammar "creak", give way to the echoes and moods of the world without ever illustrating them.