Tendre S.
    Monsieur Paul + follow

    Tendre S.

    Mixed media on wood
    x 68 cm


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    About Monsieur Paul :

    Monsieur Paul  

    The work of Monsieur Paul / Pascal Vochelet is exhibited in the art fairs of New York, Miami, Basel, London, San Francisco, Moscow,... and his works are present in many important collections in France and abroad...

    Monsieur Paul's work (aka Pascal Vochelet) is fed with pictural references and personal notes, taken from the universe the artist is exploring as an attentive loafer.

    He paints pictures, opening narrative spaces that come to us like the sound of a far off melody. This is an invitation for a decoding work that animates

    Gently, his painting's strangeness becomes familiar to us. The different techniques of drawing and painting that he uses are driving us in this sense, by slight advances. Subtly, transparency by transparency, we are trigging the poetics wires of our relation to the world, of our past dynamics and of their current resonance.

    Strange familiarity

    Born in 1973, Pascal Vochelet first studied architecture before continuing his studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Amiens. Quite quickly he invoked his double, "Monsieur Paul", through whom he found a new creative energy. His work is nourished by pictorial references and personal notes, reflecting the world he explores as an attentive stroller. He paints paintings/castle where he opens up narrative spaces that come to us like a distant melody. The artist then suggests that we carry out a work of deciphering that animates our memory.  Delicately, the strangeness of his painting becomes familiar to us. The different drawing and painting techniques used guide us in this direction, by small good ones. Subtly, from transparency to transparency, we draw the poetic threads from our relationship to the world, from our past dynamics and from their current resonance.

    Frame Basel, juin
    Sérigraphie Atelier Tchikebe "Arthothèque Antonin Artaud"
    Frame Miami, décembre 18 / février 2019
    Innsbruck art fair, janvier 2019 with Lena Rosseli

    Frame, Miami, décembre 2018
    Lena and Roselli Gallery / Budapest / Octobre 2018
    Frame expérience, Paris, Octobre
    Lena and Roselli Gallery, Budapest, Octobre
    Contemporary Istanbul, Septembre
    Seattle Art Fair, Août
    Art Market Hamptons, Juillet
    Frame, Basel, Juin
    Art New York, May
    Art Market, San Francisco, Avril
    Art on Paper, New York, Mars
    Art Winwood, Miami,Février
    Art Palm beach, Janvier
    London Art Fair, Janvier

    Art Miami, décembre
    SOFA, Chicago, novembre
    YIA, Paris, octobre
    CUBE,Bruxelles, octobre
    Contemporary Istanbul, septembre
    Cosmoscow, Moscou, septembre
    Seattle Art Fair, Aout
    Art Market , Hamptons, juillet
    Art Pampelonne, Saint Tropez,juin
    Art Salzburg, juin
    Scope, Bâle, juin
    YIA, Bâle, juin
    Art New York, mai
    Art Market, San Francisco, avril
    YIA Maastricht, mars
    Art Miami, février
    Art Palm Beach, janvier

    Scope miami, décembre
    YIA, Paris, Novembre
    Art Istanbul, Octobre
    Art Cologne, octobre
    « Dessiner disent-ils », au Centre d’Art des Pénitents Noirs,
    Aubagne, octobre
    (dans le cadre de PAREIDOLIE, Salon International
    du Dessin Contemporain)
    Art Copenhague, septembre
    « Leurs nouveaux dessins », l’Artothèque Antonin Artaud,
     Marseille, septembre  (dans le cadre de PAREIDOLIE,
    Salon International du Dessin Contemporain)
    The Solo Project, Basel, Juin
    Art London, mai
    Scope NYC, avril
    YIA#6, Bruxelles, avril
    Galerie 55Bellechasse, mars
    Art Wynwood, février
    Art Palm Beach, Janvier

    YIA Art Fair (Paris, France)
    Art Silicon Valley (San Francisco, USA)
    Art Fair (Cologne, Germany)
    Art Copenhagen (Copenhagen, Denemark)
    Art Southampton (Hamptons, USA)
    Scope Basel (Basel, Switzerland)
    Art Miami NY (NY, USA)
    Art Paris, Grand Palais avec 55B (Paris, France)
    Scope NY (NY,USA)
    Art Wynwood (Miami, USA)

    2014 / 2013
    Cutlog New York (NY, USA)
    Scope New york (NY, USA)
    Artothèque Antonin Artaud (Marseille, France)
    Galerie Olivier Chetail (Megève. France)
    Art Basel Miami (Miami, USA)
    Galerie TRISTAN LEGAGNEUR (Paris, France)
    « Les Nouveaux collectionneurs » (Aix en Provence, France)
    Galerie Nouchine (Nice et Beaulieu-sur-mer, France)
    Cet Art qui m’entreprend #2, UPE 13 (Marseille, France)
    Galerie 55Bellechasse (Paris, France)
    Centre culturel ville de La Garde (La Garde, France)
    Centre culturel Bellegarde (Toulouse, France)

    A workshop, rue Saint Pierre Pénétrant in Pascal Vochelet's studio, we are seduced by his paintings overflowing with characters, animals of recognizable or not shapes, moons, tiny villages, silhouettes, here riding a camel with a triangular snout, elsewhere lovingly embraced. We savour the historical collages: Don Quixote (east) in Cuba; the horseman of Balance has only a headless body, The Saint has a quadruped for a scarf...  This meeting determines our desire to exhibit his works.  Pascal Vochelet has come a long way from his first attempts as a painter using an apple as a model to the recent Collages historiques: their saturated, jubilant universe, located "somewhere between childhood stories and human comedy", intrigues us with all that he has in him of indefinite nature: dream or the beginning of a nightmare? We don't know. Characters and animals do not seem to see us, taken that they are in their world, that of tales not yet written.  Pascal Vochelet's paintings are organized into different series that develop not by successive pushes, but as the branches of a single tree where faces, lives and scenes of life swarm and circulate, viewed from afar with derision, cruelty sometimes, and a tenderness without effusion nourished as well by childhood memories - the Norman countryside, the guests of the hotel run by his family - as by images gleaned by leafing through a magazine: hands, heads, silhouettes, groups of characters arranged on the canvas, initiate the painting that the painter's work will bring out by linking all these fragments together.  In the series Familiarities and Ascendancy where his gaze focuses on a character, sometimes two or three, Pascal Vochelet becomes a portraitist of a humanity shown without complacency: pieces of bodies are transferred, printed, cut out, brought back on the supports; often, the faces are rhodoïd masks painted and applied on the canvas, glued to pre-existing bodies: a small dog's head overtakes a mastodon in uniform.  As in dreams, images can be recomposed to produce more exuberant ones: thus Bohemian Drawings converge to produce historical Collages.  Vochelet's world sometimes becomes quieter. The drawings of the Punk attitude series inscribe animal heads on body sketches in an empty sheet of paper with, in amulet, the small skull found in the Vanity fair series.  Humour is not absent from these drawings: a nod to the title of a famous fashion journal blends with traditional meditation on death, a bit like in the art of the clown where emotion and laughter are one.

    Antonin Artaud Art Library