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    La Randonnée

    Acrylic and ink on canvas
    x 120 cm


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    About Valerie Betoulaud :

    Graduate of Applied Arts, illustrator and Artistic Director, Valérie Betoulaud is conducting a plastic research on the theme of collective memory. It is a work that we particularly like for its very refined aesthetic bias, the originality of the framing, the intensity and sobriety of the compositions and which reminds us of certain works by the artist Christian Boltanski, particularly in the work of sketching/erasing faces and bodies.

    Valerie Betoulaud

    Valerie betoulaud draws in Indian ink, in wash, she removes the black and white spots of colour from the ink, like old coloured photographs. She redraws until she enlarges details in very close-up, almost erased scenes of life, she assembles and composes each image from figures of the past. It is up to everyone to find their history...