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About Catherine d'Ortoli

Trained as an architect, Catherine d'Ortoli is a graduate of the Luminy School of Architecture and the Chaillot School (architecte du patrimoine).

Very soon, Catherine d'Ortoli started using watercolour for the rendering of her architectural projects. A talent that she was able to develop during the 26 years she spent as an architect at the Atelier du Patrimoine de la Ville de Marseille where she specialized in watercolour architectural drawing.

This work resulted in the creation of more than 200 watercolours of the façades of Marseille, some of which were published by EDISUD as a portfolio from 1987 to 1992.

Catherine d'Ortoli

Then, the desire to evolve towards a more artistic expression led her to regularly attend the workshops of recognized painters, courses offered by great watercolor artists of international renown (Tienick Kérevel, jeannine Gallizia, Joseph Zbuckvick, Jeannie McGuire, Chien Chung Wei).

Currently, Catherine d'Ortoli continues her mission as an Architecte du patrimoine within the Historic Monuments and Heritage Service of the City of Marseille on a part-time basis and devotes the rest of her time to watercolour.

Catherine d'Ortoli

Her favourite themes :

Marseille : Architecture, atmosphere, people, vehicles, life... I am attracted by the depth of the urban landscapes, the backgrounds, the blue hills, the buildings that stand out in the sky, the reflections in the harbour...

Architecture - the drawing of Façades : Marseille - Aix-en-Provence : From the architect's drawing in its mathematical reality, I trace the shadows then the watercolour reveals the façade in all its dimensions.

Sketches : Realized on the spot, they keep the freshness of the moment and allow to practice drawing.

Everyday subjects : Shoes, sweets, fruits, pebbles, those daily companions... everything is a pretext for attention.

Exhibitions (resume) :

- Fort d'Entrecasteaux - Marseille
- La Nautique - Marseille
- 111 des arts, Paris
- Montgrand Garden
- Exhibition Cassis
- Caitational exposure - SOS Breast Cancer
- ........