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About Mathias

The poetics of the forgotten things. Delving into the trivial and immobile everyday life, into what we have built, used and forgotten, looking for what we no longer see because we no longer look....  To look at the very essence of our urban life through these neglected things who are often judged to be outside aesthetic criteria.

This is the approach that has always been important to me, finding interest everywhere and especially where the eyes don't go right away...

My work mixes painting, photography and sculpture, in order to restore, without distorting it, the expressiveness felt during these instantaneous encounters that I provoke. I also attach importance to the spatial dimension by geolocating the subjects, thus allowing the viewer to be able to find them in situ, and why not realize that he has already been there without having taken the time to look....

Mathias - Peintre Photographe Plasticien - Galerie d'art de Francony

Mathias' passion for drawing and painting dates back to childhood, a father in photography, an uncle who introduced him to watercolor and a cousin to music. It was natural for him to move to the École supérieure d'art de Brest (ESAB), where he discovered the richness of mixed media, the power of the Black & White print and the beauty of engraving.

The beauty and originality of Mathias' work, which combines bas-relief polystyrene sculpture, photography and painting, has been rewarded on many occasions with prizes and artistic distinctions and several invitations for artist residencies (Wrac'h Island Lighthouse). 

Mathais - Peintre Photographe Plasticien - Galerie d'art de Francony


In excelsis (Art dans les chapelles) - Chapelle st Herbot
invité du salon de peinture de landivisiau
Terrae - espace d’art AVV - St Mathurin sur Loire
Ad infnitum - galerie la rotonde - Lanester
Tempus Fugit - île Wrac’h - Plouguerneau
Entre terre et mer - Rue (Suisse)
Maison de la Fontaine - Brest

Espace AVV - St Mathurin sur Loire
Parcours d’artistes de Beloeil - Belgique


Terrae - Espace AVV  - St Mathurin sur Loire
Tempus Fugit - Résidence de recherche phare de l’île Wrac’h