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About Anne Baudequin

Landscape "atmospherist" painter, Anne Baudequin graduated from the National Superior School of Applied Arts and Crafts (Olivier de Serres Workshop, Paris).

Anne Baudequin lives and works in the Auvergne region in the heart of France. From her studio overlooking the gorges of the Loire, she paints every day the impressive landscape that has been shaped by volcanoes. The horizon seems endless when clouds and mists blend with the mountains. Every moment, the sky changes and these windswept highlands wear a grave or smiling aspect. She paints each landscape “alla prima” in one single sitting whatever the size of the canvas. This enables her to capture the atmosphere, the momentary and transient effects of sunlight. This forces her to paint quickly with lively and spontaneous brushstrokes that lend her paintings a sense of movement.

Sumptuous landscapes, some compositions that remind us some works of Cézanne at the Sainte Victoire. A beautiful modern and lively interpretation of the landscape where every sky / cloud in itself a feat .. The work of Anne Baudequin is already followed by several private colectionneurs, including in the United States.