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About Laurent Allory

Born in 1973, Laurent Allory studied at the Charpentier Academy of Plastic Arts in Paris (1992). He then turned towards visual communications and applied his talent with great success to the job of artistic director in an advertising firm.

Laurent Allory

A visit to an exhibition in 1995 prompted him to renew with his initial passion for painting. Since then, he has explored various paths, drawing his inspiration from any theme such as African art, particularly African masks, to European modern art with a tendency towards graphics. He has researched the effects of using a diversity of materials by sometimes integrating forms in plaster, or collages made with findings gathered here and there such as pieces of wood, old newspapers or somewhat outdated advertising artwork, with his compositions of acrylic on canvas.

Laurent Allory

After taking up photography in around 2000, through his research in urbanism, wasteland and building sites, and other desolate sites abandoned or due to be redeveloped, Allory has also used photography as a subject for his painting since 2005. Finding the use of black and white photography compatible with this choice of direction, he has succeeded in giving a special emphasis to the uncertain future of these desolate landscapes, and with his artists’ palette, he has revisited each photo with colour, giving them a new life.
Black and white meets with colour... The smooth surface of the photographic print plays with the contours of acrylics; the stillness of the atmosphere and the inertia of these décors meet with the energies and the movements of the painter’s brush.
Lives and works in Paris, France.

4 formats availables on demande.

Limited edition of 12, signed and numbered :

3 ex. in size 110 x 110 cm  //  1800 euros
3 ex. in size 80 x 80 cm    //  1500 euros
3 ex. in size 60 x 60 cm    //   900 euros
3 ex. in size 40 x 40 cm    //   450 euros

Exhibition (resume)

2015 - Galerie Insula
2014 - Galerie Mondapart
2013 - A.A.F  Bruxelles
2013 - Galerie Mondapart
2012 - A.A.F Bruxelles
2012 - Hôtel Artus Paris
2012 - Galerie Mondapart
2011 - A.A.F Amsterdam
2011 - Galerie Mondapart
2010 - Galerie Mondapart
2009 - Performance Paris Musée du Louvre