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Lucie Puron

Drawing inspiration from the major Parisian exhibitions, Lucie Puron has developed a real attraction to oil painting, especially portraits. She explores different techniques while maintaining the same "alla prima" approach: painting in a single work session. She appreciates the spontaneity of painting, seeking to convey in her works the influence of her sensations and thoughts at the moment.

In parallel, Lucie Puron has initiated herself into sculpture from live models. This diversification of her art transforms her approach to volumes, pushing her to work her painting in a more sculptural and less smooth manner. In her latest series, she presents a collection of landscapes that spark the imagination and reveal a deep connection with the great outdoors. Through meticulous exploration, she invites us to contemplate the very essence of nature, revealing its changing and ephemeral beauty. A stream, an impending rain, a sunset...

Lucie Puron considers each canvas as a visual symphony where clouds and vegetation meet in harmony. The brushstrokes are expressive, revealing the artist's spontaneous gestures and creating reliefs that invite the viewer to a tactile experience of the work.

This series features her pictorial touch that creates volume, plays with the layering of materials and colors, in a spirit that evokes the gestural freedom of modeling.

Lucie Puron

Exhibitions :

- Matières Brutes, Exposition personnelle, Palais de la culture de Puteaux (2022)
- Subjective Beauté, Le choix du corps masculin, Galerie du Lendemain, Paris (2023)