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They are snapshots - “Every model has something about it that has awakened my inspiration and the willingness to express this inspiration. In this special, painted moment there is a deep connection to the model, to the person. They are not biographical portraits.

So it sometimes seems to be very intimate pictures, but the lack of concreteness of the people in the picture is also reflected in the missing or very reduced titles of the pictures, which tend to raise questions, but also leave more room for interpretation.

Mirella Buchholz

The everyday BECOMES something special through the selection. The decision: is the model, the view, the atmosphere, the situation, the mood good enough for a picture, can it be painted and the subjective perception and the subjective feelings... all this gives the pictures their message. Sometimes the shapes of a face inspire, they tempt to experiment, to omit or add. The distance between the real image and the formal goal is the most difficult to overcome when it comes to portraits. After all, doesn't the viewer nowadays expect from an artist's portrait painting a clear depiction of a human being in his essence instead of an exact copy of the real?

The way in which the figure is portrayed is essential in the implementation of the portrait: whether the figure is standing or lying down, whether it is facing the viewer or not – all of this becomes an element of the overall expression. The gaze towards the viewer plays a very special role: proud, over him, indifferent, through him, past him (musing), sad, melancholic, loving or shy. It is my intention to combine color contrasts and the expressiveness of the lines with the desire to give a lasting interpretation of reality through one's own sensations and perceptions." Mirella Buchholz

Mirella Buchholz

Exhibitions / Selection

- "Vorstellung" Rathaus, Bork
- "Requisitenkammer" Galerie Display, Köln
- "offenes Atelier" Galerie Noran, Haltern am See
- "inside" Galerie ASPEKT, Neustadt an der Weinstraße
- "your face in my eyes" Fliedner Klinik, Düsseldorf
- "eleven rooms" Horschler Kommunikation GmbH, Unna
- "Das Angesicht der Farbe" Galerie Home, Kirchhellen
- "Hummer & Mehr" Galerie Home, Kirchhellen
- "Città di Venezia" Connection Business Solutions GmbH, Essen
- "Künstler der Galerie" Galerie ASPEKT, Neustadt an der Weinstraße
- "SYNTHESIS" – Kunst in der Rotunde – GEA Center, Bochum
- "art.purpur" Kunsthalle white BOX, München
- "CIRCE" Städtische Galerie, Lünen
- "doppelblick" Stadtmuseum Bergkamen Städtische Galerie „sohle1“