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About Florkey

Florian Caucheteux alias Florkey is a Belgian visual artist and graphic designer. Born in Verviers in 1976, of a mother pianist, a father draughtsman and a grandfather tailor, Florkey was trained at a very early age at the Academy of Fine Arts in Verviers in the class of Serge Gangolf and Jacques Dubois. Her high school studies are oriented towards the Visual Arts.

In 1998, he graduated from Saint-Luc Liège with a diploma in graphic design and from the Academy of Fine Arts of Verviers with a training in decorative painting in the Warrior class. During the 2000s, he worked as a creative graphic designer in advertising agencies in Brussels, Liège and Luxembourg. Florkey continues to create for his artistic development but without any exhibition project. A fan of bright colours, airbrush painting techniques at first, he then refocused on a mix of techniques such as: spray, posca, acrylic.

Florkey - Painter - Street Art - de Francony Gallery

Florkey designs and continues to develop his figurative and graphic art. In 2010, he organized several exhibitions devoted to money and forgotten banknotes. Digital painting mixed with traditional techniques will make this period an important graphic revelation. In 2015, he began a new series of pictorial creations that will be the technical and creative link of a colourful, pop, street and sometimes meaningful language.

A committed artist, his expression reflects our consumer society. Since 2010, Florkey has been offering colourful and constructed works that question us on his line of conduct, his recurring theme "what man abandons". His creations are made on supports that he recovers or that he shapes. His artistic technique is spray, posca, acrylic, stencil. His paintings have a Pop and Street art influence.

In 2017-2018, he organized an exhibition on the theme of abandonment. A colourful, hyper and even surrealist painting with Street Art accents, at the end of 2018, for health reasons, he had to take a step back in his professional activities. He decides to start a #playmocatching performance. Make 100 small #freeart canvases of 25cm side. These playmo will be mass-produced and abandoned all over the world. This performance will take him a full year.

2019 is a year of bulimic creation, a total questioning of its production. His painting takes a 180° turn. No more questions of painting on supports bought in store, he now manufactures his own supports based on recovery (advertising tarpaulin, wooden pallet, cardboard, customization, etc.)

His new stencils will be inspired by the (Re)birth and the motifs of the Loire castles blend with hypergraphic, calligraphic and typographic elements. In April 2019, he participated in the Bernard Massard Signature Edition Red Design competition. He is one of six winners among more than 150 participants from all over the world.

Exhibitions :


- ZE ART Galerie – Galerie St Lambert Liège
- Pas à pas chez Brigitte Danse Adzeux
- Envol d’artistes Clermont
- Share of Art Eupen
- Art Shopping Paris France


- Galerie d'Art du Château de Colonster à Liège
- Expo collective à Hannut – Y’a t’il encore un Printemps
- Galerie d’Art Ephémère Espace 58 – Andrimont


- 29e Braderie de l'Art Roubaix-Lille (France)
- Street at Home, Liège
- Galerie d'art Jour et Nuit à Verviers
- Mariage d'artistes - exposition collective
- Pollin’Art à Polleur, Parcours d’artistes estival
- Envol d'Artistes à Clermont – Parcours d’artistes
- Biennale d’Art contemporain Mobil’Art à Liège


- Exposition Fêt’Art à Grand-Rechain chez le sculpteur A Englebert
- Festival d’art Urbain Entracte à Verviers
- Galerie Nao, Exposition personnelle Uber exploration – Forbiden place


- Galerie Nao, Exposition Collection permanente


- Galerie Nao, Exposition collective "I Love Verviers"


- Galerie NOMADE, Exposition collective "Chez David"


- Chic and Cheap 2011, Liège


- Exposition collective au shape de l’OTAN
- Participation à Libr’ART à Libramont
- Liège Métropole culture : décoration d’un abri bus sur le thème du billet de 100 francs belges.

- Exposition personnelle à la Galerie-Atelier de Marguerite à Theux
- Exposition personnelle à Mons à l’Espace Fusano


- Exposition personnelle à la galerie Le Zenith, Liège

Distinctions :

2020 : Prix White Page Challenge pour le magazine Parisien Graffiti Art Magazine. Dessin édité dans l’édition de Juin 2020 dans 15 pays et 50 000 exemplaires.

2019 Prix : sélection du jury professionnel pour le concours Reddesign.lu BERNARD MASSARD