UOYEVOLI (Catch me if you can)
    Vanessa Dakinsky + follow

    UOYEVOLI (Catch me if you can)

    Oil on canvas
    x 70 cm


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    About Vanessa Dakinsky :

    Born in 1985. Lives and work in Toulouse (France)

    Since completing her degree in fine art, Vanessa Dakinsky has developed a more self-taught art practice, ​drawing references from the popular universe ​to​​​ the classic​al​ tradition of painting.
    Her universe oscillates between realism and onirism. The immediate visual shock ​gives way to reverberations, sharpness of detail and, occasionally, hidden animals and visions.

    Vanessa Dakinsky - Galerie d'art de Francony

    These enigmatic architectures reveal a relationship between a fragmented reality​​ and the familiar, in a collision of quasi-photorealism and the visually disturbed, unexpected or abstract.

    Showing the deepness of some moments, reinterpreted signs of our time grow ​alongside​ a​ vibrant and hypnotic humanity.

    Vanessa Dakinsky - Galerie d'art de Francony

    In 2013, Vanessa Dakinsky's work will be exhibited internationa​l​ly, in both personal and collective exhibitions. (France, England, Germany, Norway, Canada).

    Vanessa Dakinsky - Galerie d'art de Francony

    Augmented reality
    Portrait by Baptiste Ostré, for Clutchmag

    The light floods Vanessa Dakinsky's studio; the walls and floor are covered with sheets of paper​ stained with paint. Settled in her apartment, the room contains many pieces on the way to completion. "I always work on several paintings at the same time," she explains. “​Not​ from the need to be working on different projects at once, but mostly because of the oil painting technique, which ​requires​ two to three weeks of drying. It takes me just over a month to complete a painting, especially as I wo​r​k with layers, overlapping them like associating ideas".​​

    ​ (...) You find a predominantly urban​ feel​ in her work through the frequent use of artificial light. "The lights of the city are very lively," she confirms, "they ​really capture my attention." This vitality glows in her oil paintings: the accuracy of her colours and her shading allow a precise reproduction of the flesh.
    Photorealist? Undoubtedly, ​especially since photographs​ - taken on the spot - ​are​ often ​the bases​ of her paintings. But she doesn't ​simply​ rely upon this mere tour de force. The care brought to the dynamism and the energy of her approach brings a slight but essential gap. A surrealist flickering: ​the tipping point from​ which​ the familiar ​turns in​to the strange.

    Baptiste Ostre

    Interview Boum! Bang! Julie Martinelli May 2012

    Vanessa Dakinsky is a painter, she lives and works in Toulouse. From her 27 years, she asserts herself in a self-taught artistic practice, and investigate through the prism of the painting, some indefinite spaces, where fancies and reality meet and dialog each other. Her paintings find contemporary mythologies in the anecdotes of the everyday life. Contradictory elements live and meet there. Abundant, surrealist and sometimes strange Vanessa Dakinsky's universe is dreamlike, centered on the intimate perception. The extravagance of her pictorial constructions led to us to contact Vanessa Dakinsky who agreed to play the game of the interview for Boum! Bang!.​

    - B!B!: How did you came into painting ?

    - VD: I've always liked tinkering, or invent useless things. I started with drawing, and like every children who are bored in class, I continued. Painting itself came quite later, when I was 15-16 years old.

    - B!B!: Boring curses are a wondeful and spontaneous school of art... we should pay a tribute to the margins of the pages !

    Yes ... my background isn't arty at all. I wanted to enter in an art school : at this time, conceptual and video art was very fashion. So painting itself or drawing was perceived as very "deviant" . But it has forced me to be more assertive in my work, and I met good people there.

    ​Then I drew as a "dillettante", rediscovering the first pleasure of creation itself. Filled many sketchbooks, things like that.

    There was also plenty of new disoverings with internet, something very energic, a whole bunch of great artists that weren't represented in traditional medias. You could access these new works easily ! I was really excited about this. Taht was also the time I began to learn oil painting.

    - B!B!: We find in your art human or hybrid figures, and also common objects. Could you tell us what do you want to highliglight in your different series ?

    - VD: Yes I have twe series in progress " Fantasmagories" and "unportrait", but I feel they are mixing together ... Yes objects also talk about humans ... they are evocative, mostly those wich are related to us very closely, like a part of us, as headphones, glasses, ...

    For example with Ikea Blues, canvas built itself around the little Ikea Pillow. It was very cheap and it seems that I met it in everyplace. To the doctor's wait room, friends' home and also mine ...

    It transforms itself into a symbol, something uniform and unpersonnal, and not very important yet, that gave me a strange feeling. You know like in the quote "life beguins at the end of your confort zone". That's it. Ikea Blues. In pink.

    ​For Duck Face Syndrom, this is the typical Duck Face, as you can see everywhere and particularly on social network with teenagers. I started from an anonymous pic on a blog. Then I" reworked " on it and finally painted it, as an iconic sheme. So you pass from a blog pic, itself influenced by mass media, to a painting, ... it's like a game of mirrors and a way to question our link to pictures , paintings, and social behaviours. But you can also take it simple, something funny.

    To create is also build new supports for imagination, new links, etc ... I don't see my work like something closed and defintive. I like when people take a part in it like a way to create a relationship.

    With painting you have an instinctive dialog with the viewer, that's also what I'm looking for.

    B!B!: Whats your personnal relationship with painting ?​

    - VD: Well this is a true passion. You're always hesitating, which is awful and cool at the same time. Sometimes you're elsewhere with hours of paintings and repetitive music. But you also need to escape from your own brain !

    I destroy quite a lot. That was something to learn.

    Some words I like in painting field : Energy, mystery, strongness, aliveness, abrasions, delicacy,

    - B!B!: How do you manage with painting, especially wich materials are your favorites ?

    - VD: I mostly use drawing tools, any type, and oil paintings. I try to let something open when I paint, see accidents and get into surprise.

    I work mostly with different layers, superpositions, masks, highlights ... try to capt something not literaly .

    - B!B!: Which artists do you like, who did inspire you ? Where do you get your inspiration from ?

    - VD: Well without thinking : Soutine, Caravage, Brueghel, Bacon, Frida Khalo. Also a big fan of Egon Schiele 's hands. In the nowadays: Mickael Borremans, Paco Pomet, Mickalef, James Jean, Laurie Lipton, Conor Harrington, Cecily Brown, Banksy, Jenny Saville, Anette Messager… people from DIY: « do it yourself », also the "cabinets de curiosité".

    I like being rapted by artworks, artist that are authentics and create an exchange with the viewer, alive, incisive, or poetic, ...

    Generally I create from everydaylife tellings or pics. A sensation, a remembrance, a look ... Everyone of us seem to have a specific memory that distribute the whole look you've got on life. I try to capt this, strange moments, very subjective ones. ...there's also a game with inconscient.

    I collect many pics that I find inspiring too. plants, scientifics shemes I don't understand, portraits, ...

    So I guess that's just a mlx of all that.

    Nightlife atmosphere is quite cool for inspiration, but sometimes you're surprised because something happen in a daily metro at rush time. When I sleep too this is a sort of painting. Sometimes you're just more receptive. Maybe you can't really distinguish inspiration from life in a way, don't know.

    Vanessa Dakinsky, text by Yan Arexis for Bonnefont exhibition

    "Vanessa Dakinsky’s paintings, before leaving you​ with​ ​exhilarating stigmatas, are total retinal hooks.

    An absorbing bloom. One might find aromas of pop surrealism when​ -​ out of the blue​ -​ one realize​s​ her works have the bearings of a Grande ​D​ame of Spain. You can easily imagine her vivid painting between two neo-classical masters. She could fit right in. She speaks the same language, in ​the​ language ​of today​. (...) We love her instinct; her paintings speak to us directly and without snobbery. A generous painting, virtuoso."

    Collective edition and exhibition

    • Le Rex, Saint Rémy de Provence, France (Galerie David Ménard) - 2015
    • Atelier La mèche à Borderouge - Toulouse, France - 2015
    • Exposition Hors-sol à l'espace Apollo - Mazamet, France - 2015
    • Académie de dessin - Toulouse, France - 2015
    • Médiathèque José Cabanis et Clutch - Toulouse, France - 2015
    • Nuages Carrés - Exposition solo à l'occasion de la parution du portfolio dans le magazine culturel toulousain Clutch. (Solo exhibition with Clutch cultural magazine and publication of the portfolio.) - 2014
    • Exposition collective / peintures UOYEVOLI , avec 'house of Bergen' / Dronningens Gate 22, Oslo, Norway - 2014 ('House of Bergen' presents a collective show at Dronningens Gate 22, Oslo)
    • Les Pavillons Sauvages / Sortie du fanzine Renards / Renardes des Editions terriennes - Toulouse, France - 2014
    • Atelier 67 Borderouge, showroom de LSDC - Toulouse, France - 2014
    • Expo de dessins avec le collectif Herz'hyenne - Toulouse, France - 2014 (drawing exhibition with Hertz'hyenne)
    • Insight out Solo Exhibition - Bergen, Norway - 2014
    • Ossuaire, exposition proposée par Imagora / Festival Indélébile- Toulouse, France - 2014
    • Exposition collective en hommage à Frisa Kahlo avec Iseamonster collective, Hashtag Gallery, Toronto, Canada - 2013 (Exposition collective / Réinterprétation de "the wounded deer" de Frida Kahlo)
    • Galerie les Insoumis, France, Montbrison
    • Galerie Martagon, Malaucène, France, 2013
    • Festival Rio Loco, Toulouse, France - 2012
    • "Made in Toulouse", Toulouse, France - 2012
    • Peintures et dessins récents avec Lou Ros(Recent paintings and drawings with Lou Ros), Folkestone, UK, Space Seven Galery - 2012
    • Exposition collective organisée par Goblin Mag au Centre Bergen Kjott. Bergen, Norway - 2012
    • Peintures et dessins récents, avec Clémence Gastan (Painting and drawing exhibition . Recent works with Clémence Gastan), Bonnefont, France - 2012
    • Galerie Susini, Aix, France - 2012
    • Creative shop Amusement, Collective exhibition with Apadanart, Paris, France - 2012
    • Art affair Galery, Summer salon with Barbara RAPP, Regensburg, Germany - 2011