Avant la pluie
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    Avant la pluie

    Watercolor, oil and acrylic on old sea chart pasted on wood
    x 27 cm

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    About Yann Letestu :

    Yann Letestu crossed the seas, the Atlantic from Marseille to Venezuela..... A journey that will leave him with a taste for travel and whose paintings bear the imprint of his memories of southern Morocco and marine voyages, declined on supports just as varied as the canvas or old nautical charts chined by antique dealers and booksellers.

    His characters and timeless landscapes remind us of Delacroix's travel sketches in Morocco and the great explorers, while his navies, with their warm tones, invite us to embark for a cruise on the Nile or to the road of India... His artistic quest is that of timelessness... an atmosphere, impressions are born from his brush strokes.

    A beautiful journey that exhales, under the brush of Yann Letestu, a timeless charm and poetic serenity. Graduated of the Institut des Arts Visuels d'Orléans, Yann Letestu has also produced opera sets and illustrations for publishing.

    The works of Yann Letestu are particularly appreciated by collectors, especially his magnificent scenery of cruise ships and sailboats

    Exhibitions (resume)

    Exposition au Jardin Montgrand, Marseille - 2016
    Salon des Petits Formats de Carry le Rouet - 2016
    Salon Dock Art Shopping; Les Docks - 2015
    Villa Bagatelle - 2015
    Septembre en Mer; Galerie du Lacydon - 2015
    Galerie des Sablons - 2015
    Galerie Maznel - 2014
    Parrain du 28eme Salon des Arts des Pennes Mirabeau - 2014
    Invité d'honneur du 53eme Salon des Artistes Peintres de Rognac - 2014
    Galerie "Le Cinéma, Repaire Artistique" - 2013
    Parution du livre "Marseille, 1905-1944" aux éditions Couleur de vie - 2012
    "Prix du public" au SIAC - 2012
    Exposition "Voeux d'Artistes" Marseille - 2012
    Galerie des Sablons - 2009
    Gallerie Raphael - 2009
    Couverture du roman de Jean Louis Pietri, "La Conspiration des Ombres" - 2008
    Galerie Atelier B - 2008
    BM Cassis - 2008
    Edition du premier catalogue "Yann Letestu, Peintures" - 2007
    Serie de reproductions d'affiches par les Editions Braune - 2007
    Galerie Raphael - 2006
    Galerie des Sablons - 2006
    Galerie Couque - 2005
    Salon d'Automne de Sanary sur Mer - 2004
    Galerie Wall - 2004
    Salon des "Peintres dans la rue"; 1er prix du conseil général - 2004
    Salon du Xème; prix Marin - 2003
    Invité d'honneur au "Salon des peintres du Josas" - 2003
    Agence Spatiale Européenne "E.S.A" - 2002
    Galerie du Cygne (Lourmarin-Lubéron) - 2002
    Diplome des Beaux Arts d'Orléans - 2001

    Press review

    Revue "les nouvelles publications" - 2012
    Magazine "Pac'art" - 2012
    "Arts et décorations" - 2011
    "Marseille-premium" - 2010
    Couverture du roman "La Conspiration des Ombres", de Jean-Louis Pietri. Ed. Autres Temps - 2008
    Quotidien "La Montagne" - 2008
    Quotidien "La Provence" - 2008
    Quotidien "La Provence" - 2007
    Journal de Boulogne Billancourt - 2007
    Edition du premier catalogue: "Yann Letestu, Peintures..." - 2007
    Revue "Pratique des Arts" - 2007
    Revue "Art & Décoration" - 2006
    Revue "Maisons et Décors" - 2005