Nathalie Berger Balland + follow

    Rhizome - Bleu

    Oil on paper
    x 70 cm / Oak Frame


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    About Nathalie Berger Balland :

    Nathalie Berger Balland Nathalie Berger Balland is a contemporary artist of unique talent who draws her inspiration from the minutiae of natural details. Sensitive to all forms of art, she has developed a practice centered on exploring natural forms, from the infinitely small to the infinitely large. Her work is characterized by the use of precise strokes and dots, reflecting a heightened sensitivity to the world around her.

    Her artistic approach, necessary for her personal balance, embraces a variety of mediums, ranging from drawing to sculpture. She defines her universe as a space where nature offers a range of inspirations, from plants to algae, highlighting the finesse and variety of organic forms. This fascination is translated in her works by a focus on lines and shapes, often created in monochrome to accentuate their intensity.

    Nathalie's art is a dialogue between ceramics and painting, where she began by adorning cups with plant motifs before turning to paper. Her compositions are a study of the resilience and persistence of vegetation, capturing the very essence of vegetality. Her pieces, often monochromatic with shades of vibrant orange or deep blue, are the result of an almost meditative process, revealing a deep connection with her subject.

    The works of Nathalie Berger Balland clearly fit into the landscape of contemporary art. She juxtaposes the rigor of her compositions with organic sensitivity, creating a universe where nature and art meet. Her paintings, where plant forms flourish freely, reflect on the relationship between man and nature, a central theme in contemporary art. Her constantly evolving practice demonstrates her ability to push the boundaries of artistic creation while remaining true to her love for the natural world.


    2023 : Salon des Beaux-Arts, Réfectoire des Cordeliers, Paris, Médaille d’or section papier

    2023 : exposition solo, Batterie de Cap Nègre, Six-Fours

    2023 : exposition solo “Parenthèse", Galerie Charivari, Marseille

    2023 : exposition Ombre&Lumière, Galerie1809, Marseille

    2023 : SIAC, Marseille

    2022 : L'Atelier Éphémère, Ansouis, Lubéron

    2020 : exposition solo, Galerie Charivari, Marseille

    2019 : Galerie JAL, Les Portes-en-Ré

    2019 : exposition “Inspiration Marseille – acte II", Espace Carte Blanche, Marseille

    2019 : exposition “Local'Art", Lyon

    2018 : exposition “Inspiration Marseille", Entre2Murs, Marseille

    2018 : exposition “Week-end au jardin", Galerie Charivari, Marseille

    2018 : exposition “Sous le soleil “, Galerie 1809, Marseille

    2018 : exposition Docks village, Marseille

    2017 : exposition collective Galerie1809, Docks Village, Marseille

    2017 : Galerie Charivari, Marseille

    2017 : Galerie Watt, Marseille

    2016 : exposition chez Tulavu, Marseille