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    Gorgone tentaculaire noire

    Ink and pencil on burnt paper
    x 40 cm

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    About Mme S :

    Mme S creates very personal, sensual, voluptuous and ambiguous works. She tells us stories of love and plunges us into a sensitive and poetic universe alongside her sleeping beauties. These Beauties whose delicate anatomy in ink and pencil is freed from the contour lines and whose cheekbones are pink while the eyelids hatch with lovemaking.

    Lovingly embraced by octopuses, her sleeping beauties refers to a famous Japanese print by Hokusai, The Dream of the Woman of the Fisherman (1814), a mythical work that will be at the origin of the fashion of the Shunga and subsequently the current Hentai.

    Mysterious, sensual and graphic, the octopus appears here as a metaphor of the loving relationship, at once inviting, protective, sometimes overprotective, seeing invasive.

    Technically, Mme S develops an original creative process of creation / destruction, since after having carefully drawned her beauties and octopus, she partially burns the paper according to a technique whose jealously guards the secret. The burns are not random but they take again and emphasize some elements of the composition, in particular the suction cups and folds of the drapes and can be seen as the symbol of a love that consumes itself. The paper is thus partially transformed into a sort of lace whose apparent fragility and preciosity echoes that of the sleeping beauty and the feeling of love.

    Visually It's an amazing and beautiful work. Burns create an effect of transparency that Mme S seeks particularly to highlight because she generally presents her works between two plates of glass or plexi, allowing the light to cross the paper and the bottom to flush, creating a play of shadows and light that project on the walls.

    Mme S develops an inventory of her nightly dreams which she consumes, classifies, labels and archives in the manner of entomologists.

    About :

    Painter, draftsman and visual artist, Mme S lives and works in Marseille.

    After having studied scenography, interior design and decoration, Mme S then worked for 17 years as a scenographer / decorator for cinema and theater and now for our happiness, she devotes herself fully to her Art.


    Jardin Montgrand, Marseille 2016
    "Voeux d'Artistes", Marseille 2015
    Galerie Invisible, Marseille 2015
    Peyri'Art, 2015
    Performance au Nabucco, Marseille 2015
    Galerie de Yann Letestu aux Arcenaulx, Marseille 2015
    "Voeux d'Artistes", Marseille 2014
    "Artothèque pousse cailloux", Roquefort des Corbieres 2014
     "L'Art en Vigne", Vignelaure 2014
    "Voeux d'Artistes", Marseille 2013